Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 42 – 32. Painting with light


This is my first attempt at long exposure using glow sticks. It was quite difficult in the limited space in the garden. My husband once again helped. This is the most colourful although a bit close to the camera.

I appreciate how much effort and knowhow went into the ones I have already viewed from other members!

I tried a bit of editing too to reduce the noise and enhance the colours. I used Nik Color Efec. Another first. The horizons are widening.

It is interesting how difficult it is to get darkness in urban life. The neighbours lights in their windows were difficult to avoid.

Sorry it is late. I have been out and about more so more pictures to process and a few deadlines to meet. Catching up now.

24.Long Exposure

7 thoughts on “Week 42 – 32. Painting with light

  1. Great first attempt! Keep up your fine work


  2. Nice to have your husband give you a hand, he must have been busy holding so many colors! Looks great.


  3. I had to laugh when you said, “I wonder what the neighbours thought,” because I have often thought the same. Nice shot for your first attempt and just for the record … I have never cared about what the neighbours think! 🙂


  4. well done!! – its so satisfying isnt it!! (and frustrating too) – great that your husband is up for helping you – I laughed too at your comment about the neighbours!

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