Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 41 – Fences and Rails


These fences, in that they stop bicycles etc. coming straight down the decline and the rails up the wall are on a subway beneath the busy A3 road near where I live. They have decorated the walls with coloured tiles to dissuade the graffiti artists from using them as their canvas. They have introduced road crossings as people were afraid of using the subways after dark. I had a great time cleaning up all the paint splashes and cigarette butts in the editing programme but it still looks a bit unloved. I also had another tinker with the editing programme’s filters. Did not find any that suited the image. I also had a try at framing it with an “Image Framer” app. I downloaded this week but ended up doing a simple frame in Elements. I am enjoying exploring and getting to know the resources I have!

Rails and fences


5 thoughts on “Week 41 – Fences and Rails

  1. nice job – fun “clearing up” with healing brush and clone isnt it – wish housework was that easy! – and I can imagine what it was like having lived near Slough for 6 months (and Elephant and Castle in the 70’s!) . I think you are doing so well teaching yourself – fabulous!


  2. I was thinking as I was doing this how good it would be if you do the cleaning online! Thanks for your support.


  3. I really like this photo – the lines of the railing & fence and the colorful tiles on the wall. Nice composition.


    • Although It is a straightforward theme. It has made me aware of the rails especially those that the local buses etc. put at our disposal. The double decker buses have very thoughtfully placed rails on the stairs and up to the exits. They were colourful too! I take so much for granted!


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