Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 40 – 21. It happens over time


My long suffering husband has been recruited for my exercises in finding things out about aperture this week. He is very patient and supportive. Looking at the portraits I have taken of him this week, it made me realise that we had known each other for over 50 years! Where did the time go? When did we become mature? I remember when I was getting concerned about the lines and wrinkles on my face, he said “Ah! But these lines and wrinkles are all the things we have experienced together”. Wise man! In my eyes, he is still the man I met all these years ago even though he has got a bit weather beaten over the years! (f5.6,1/80, ISO 200).

It Happens Over Time


5 thoughts on “Week 40 – 21. It happens over time

  1. Great insight – and excellent tie in to the theme! I love seeing the aging crinkles around men’s eyes – gives them so much character. Our eyes – well, that’s another story! lol

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  2. Good job Trudie, Mr. Callan is a handsome devil and a great sport!


  3. I’d call Mr. Callan handsome … not weather beaten. Congratulations on your long life with him.


  4. Thank you. Mr Callan says thank you too! I think he is still handsome too!


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