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Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 39 – 24. Long Exposure


Last week I was fortunate to see the Sony World Photo Awards at Somerset House with a friend. Great Exhibition and got lost in the slideshow showing Elliott Erwitt’s work.

Still working on putting the “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Peterson into practice and although I only had my Compac camera with me I set it on f/8 since I thought that may be the best available aperture for most situations. I took this one for a Colour Project. I knew the camera was not fast enough to freeze the motion of the skate boarder but I did not ‘twig’ that the lower shutter speed at this f/stop in low light conditions would give me a nice blurred ghost of him! So not an intentional long exposure shot but hope it is enough to qualify for the theme. ( f/8, 1/13, ISO 100)

My husband has been asking awkward questions about what I am reading and practising so it has been useful to have to repeat my learning and his questions have led me to research things I did not know how to explain. I was not sure where the shutter or the aperture were or how to define a f/stop!! I have found out that my shutter is in the camera body and I think the aperture is within the lens. I wish I had taken science at school. It is all new to me and I like to understand what I am doing. I am getting there but it is painful at times.

Week 39, Long Exposure


5 thoughts on “Week 39 – 24. Long Exposure

  1. Keep reading, you are dong great!


  2. I really like this photo!! I cant believe you are doing this all by yourself – I should stop complaining when I get frustrated! – I have so many people in my camera club to call on. Well done!


  3. Thanks for your comments and support. I appreciate it. We do have photowalks and workshops in the Club now but I think I am do not get the most out of them because I do not have the knowledge about which f/stops, shutter speeds to use at my finger tips yet. I am getting there! Taking it step by step is beginning to pay off.


  4. Remember, we do have a theme, “One Step At A Time.” You are doing a great job so keep up the good work. It’s nice that your husband is showing an interest in your efforts.

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