Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 34 – A5-Reflections


This spot is called West End. We went there to visit the Garden Centre which has a lovely cafe for scones and jam and a well stocked organic farm shop. It has a Pick Your Own site as well which has tasty vegetables and soft fruit in season. It was about 4pm when I went to take some shots with my point and shoot. The camera has a facility for using aperture mode so it was a good chance to get some more practice. This lake is in a good setting with ducks and swans and lovely willow trees.  I enjoyed capturing the lovely golden light of that time of day. It is definitely a place to come with my DSLR and a tripod and take more time and care to get better shots. This one was for ‘Reflections’. I have posted the fuller version which showed a beautiful sky. The two others are of the ducks and the golden light.

Reflections-A5 Golden Light DucksI was very lucky. They had a sale and I bought a nice cosy jumper for cold outings!

8 thoughts on “Week 34 – A5-Reflections

  1. Great shots Trudie! Reflection shots can be so beautiful!

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  2. Beautiful shots! Interesting processing on the duck photos.


    • Just what came out of the camera. I must go back and see what the settings were. I only chose the aperture and a macro shot. It was my compac camera. I think the effect may have come from the macro being too exaggerated. The water looks interesting though. I shall have to try to repeat! The light was wonderful. Now I am becoming more aware it was a perfect example of the ‘golden light’ as the sun goes down.

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  3. very pretty reflections – that top photo definitely has a blue-cold feel to it and nice big sky.

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  4. Great colors in the second and third shots.

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  5. All of the shots are great!

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  6. Love looking at these scenic spots which you are all posting!

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