Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 29 – 51. When the Wind blows


Two of my fellow members were joining me for a photowalk along the Thames from Kingston towards Richmond last week but unfortunately the forecast was for heavy rain so we had to postpone it. Since I had put aside the time to photograph I decided to do something at home before the rain started. It had reached the windy stage which always comes before the rain starts to fall. I went out to the garden armed with my camera, tripod and shutter release to see what I could do!

As it was windy I looked around but could not see anything which showed the wind as I wanted. I thought about a selfie but then I thought my windblown hair would fit the theme better. So here is the result. A less dishevelled me will follow in due course!

Week28 - 51. When the wind blows

10 thoughts on “Week 29 – 51. When the Wind blows

  1. Your sweet smile & kind eyes make me smile!! Thank you!


  2. Don’t brush it … looks great just as it is … you do too!


  3. I think the windswept look is in again!! good idea to post this!


  4. With the wind this time of the year in SW Florida and my fine hair, I feel like I look windblown all the time. Good creativity for the theme.

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  5. Windblown is in and you look great.

    Liked by 1 person

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