Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 27 – 52. Winter Landscapes.


Imagine my surprise when I drew back the curtains on this lovely snowy day. I grabbed the camera as I knew it would soon disappear. I always think the stillness and the lack of footprints directly after a snowfall is magical. These are shots from the upstairs windows looking down onto the gardens and the street.

Winter Landscape

8 thoughts on “Week 27 – 52. Winter Landscapes.

  1. Although it can turn messy, like you, I always enjoy seeing fresh snow. I’m glad you were able to photograph it before it melted.

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  2. Nice shots! Love the first one especially and the one with the clothes on the line really brought a smile to my face. 😊

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  3. This brought back memories, when my mom brought the clothes in from the line in the winter, they were sometimes frozen enough to stand up by themselves. Thanks for sharing


  4. Makes a lovely photo but I don’t miss that white stuff!

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  5. The clothing looks a bit frigid. Nice shots.

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  6. I remember hanging clothes on the line even in freezing weather. So many memories.

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