Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 26 – A1 – Blue


Late again. Had a lovely time however playing with an indoor studio, a mirror, macro, marbles and DIY lighting. Lots more practice I think but absorbed me for several hours.

Could not decide on reflections or blue. The reflections were good but unfortunately reflected the ‘studio’ and me in the marbles. Back to the drawing board.


6 thoughts on “Week 26 – A1 – Blue

  1. Trudie, this is quite interesting. Isn’t it fun playing?

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  2. The reflections almost look like pupils in a couple of the marbles. Looks like you had a good time playing indoors. This is very blue to me.

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  3. I like the reflections in the marbles, they add some interest to the shot.

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  4. its fun messing around!

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  5. This is truly blue! And, you have more patience than i do.

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  6. Interesting image. photographing reflective surfaces are indeed tough to get the angles and lighting properly. Keep messing around it is great way to learn.

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