Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 25 – 45. Statues


Up in London again visiting our friend. I hope you will accept this as Statues. I had some statues of saints from the convent we visited but these caught my eye in Vauxhall Park as we passed through. As our family are journeying back to Melbourne I thought this was a link with them. In the park I also spotted a Child’s play park that said “All adults to be accompanied by an child” which made me laugh and a bench dedicated to “Sheila Clark”. I have a friend with the same name. I thought she would be amused that she had a namesake with a park bench dedicated to her! So here is my take on the theme and some extra shots to record our day in Vauxhall.

IMG_4326 - Version 2


                 IMG_4323        IMG_4322

4 thoughts on “Week 25 – 45. Statues

  1. I think all these fit the theme. Very nice.

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  2. The little houses are just so cute.

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