Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 20 – 16. Group Portraits


Reading the blogs of others who have used this theme, I can appreciate the difficulties they encountered. Our grand daughter was singing carols in the local Shopping Centre so I thought it would be a good opportunity for the image below. I walked all round the group trying to get the best composition. When it came to edit it there were all the difficulties you described – eyes closed, unwanted people in the shot, no-one looking at the camera etc. This was the best I could do with a bit of cropping and vignetting. It was great to hear them sing and I am sure the shoppers enjoyed the carols. Our grand daughter is the girl with the reindeer antlers!


11 thoughts on “Week 20 – 16. Group Portraits

  1. I agree that it is such a challenge to get a nice group photo but you did it very well. Nice that you have a granddaughter close-by!


  2. Your photo of the youngsters with Santa hats, antlers and singing carols warms my heart. They are making memories that will last a lifetime . Your granddaughter is a lovely little girl and very special to her grandmother, I feel certain. Like Terry said above, you are fortunate to have her living nearby.


  3. Group photos are almost always difficult. As soon as you get one thing set, another is not. Good job.

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  4. Nice shot, love the processing.


  5. Good for her, going full on with anters! It must have sounded beautiful!

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  6. The joy of being a photographer. Today we have photoshop and can replace heads, but think of the days of film.
    You get to take a lot of photos to try to get one that has the best of each person. You did a nice job.

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