Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 19 – A3 Doors and/or Windows


Another busy week as I am sure you all are. Started out with some photos of statues from the garden. They were a bit mediocre so I tried to do things with them in Elements filters. Not very good. When I was taking photos of the statues I was drawn to the geraniums which are still flowering like mad in the garage. Our eldest son, now 44 paint sprayed ‘Hi Mum’ outside my kitchen window when he was in his teens. The combination of the geraniums and the graffiti got me thinking. Came up with the image below with the stained glass filter. Looks better enlarged (double click).

Stained glass

9 thoughts on “Week 19 – A3 Doors and/or Windows

  1. Very creative, Trudie. How old is your son now? I think it’s cool that you left his graffiti on the wall as a reminder of what teenagers are capable of doing. 😉

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  2. Really like what you have done, I am still amazed at how much a photo can be altered!

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  3. so pretty when you enlarge it. very nice.


  4. I have never had success with the stained glass filter. This is great and a great story!

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  5. I love the effect and it is much better larger so you can see the detail. Nice story and glad you didn’t stifle his creativity and he is now using it (not on the street) though there are a couple of street artists that quite a bit of money to do it on the side of buildings in NYC.

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