Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 18 – 44. Someone Working.


This must my most eventful entry yet. Pushing my luck a bit with leaving it until the last minute, I decided to take a picture of my husband painting the living room. Our son is coming to us for Christmas with his family from Australia. So we are busy doing all these little jobs we keep putting off!

Taking the picture I was all into getting all the detail in, with or without flash, point of view, composition etc and stepped into the emulsion tray!!!!!! Emulsion up my trouser leg, on the wall, my shoes. What a mess!

How’s that for commitment! Lol!

IMG_9855 - Version 2

9 thoughts on “Week 18 – 44. Someone Working.

  1. So fun to catch up on projects before company arrives. We have family in Australia too! MacKay and Brisbane.


  2. Too funny1 Have a great holiday with your family.


  3. Does your husband know you took this photo? Funny. Enjoy your son’s visit.


  4. Isn’t it crazy how we need to feel a sense of urgency to get a project done that we had previously procrastinated? I completely understand this logic. As for your efforts in getting the photo…what do they say about sacrificing the body? 🙂


  5. and those little things that your son would not notice are the ones that drain your energy until they are done. Glad you were able to get those done. Enjoy the visit.

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