Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 17 – 11. Favourite Room


This is my favourite room this week. Our Camera Club are having their Annual Exhibition at this time. It is held at our local Museum for just over a fortnight. We are coming up to the end this week.

The variety of photographs is quite something. Lots of new photographers have joined over the past year and that shows in the number of entries but also the variety of styles and abilities. It is great to see it all up and to hear the appreciation of the visitors.

I have made a very poor attempt at 3 panoramas showing most of the work and also a general shot up and down the room with the computer showing the PDIs too.

IMG_4193IMG_4192 - Version 2

Exhibition Panorama 3Exhibition Panorama 2

Exhibition Panorama 1

3 thoughts on “Week 17 – 11. Favourite Room

  1. I can understand why this would be your favorite room. I enlarged the photos and was favorably impressed.


  2. Thanks. It was only a quick snap and then an edit in Elements as a panorama. I did not do them enough justice.


  3. There seems to be some great photographs on those walls. Understandable that you would enjoy the room. Lots of pretty things to view.


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