Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 16 – 37. Rows and Rows of………….


Sadly I read in the newspaper that Barclays Bank were not sponsoring the “Boris Bikes” in Central London. I decided to take a photo of them as the choice for the clue in case they disappear.

Another meeting in London but we had an interesting trip to a clerical retailer near Westminster Abbey to buy my husband some well needed new shirts! There was a demonstration while we were there about “Education”. Lots of police around and roads closed around Smith Square to protect the Conservative Party Headquarters. We saw later in the News that there were several incidents around Parliament but luckily we avoided any trouble.

We visited the Tradescant Gardens at Lambeth Bridge on the way home for some yummy cake and tea. It is a Garden Museum and there are workshops for children, a lovely gift shop as well as the Museum. We bought some stocking fillers and a present for one gardening friend so Christmas is happening after all in spite of the late start!

A great day out and lots of exercise too!

Week 16

4 thoughts on “Week 16 – 37. Rows and Rows of………….

  1. I hadn’t heard of Barclay Bikes so i am glad you showed me. Your day out sounded lovely.

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  2. Nice shot. Sounds like you had a busy day in London. 😊

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  3. Happy to hear you avoided troubles. Great idea for the theme!

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  4. wonder if someone else will take over the sponsorship … nice depth of field! – could have been “blue” too!

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