Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 15 – 34 Patterns


It never fails to amaze me how wonderful nature is. I was stunned at the colour, the shapes and the patterns in this Romanesco cauliflower. It tastes good too! I spotted this one in a farm shop locally. As humans I do not think we can better the designs, colours and patterns we find in the natural world.

The patterns in this one sparked my imagination. The photo I took isolated some of the spikes and they look like Christmas trees to me. I would like to have spent more time finding more possibilities. Another session!


14 thoughts on “Week 15 – 34 Patterns

  1. Trudie….I LOVE this photo. Looks like something out of the Grinch. By the way I LOVE the Grinch! 🙂 This photo would be amazing on canvas. WOW!! Great job.


  2. They DO look like Christmas trees! Did you use a macro lens?


    • Yes. I used a Tamron 90mm. I cropped it to get the best I could. Have yet to have a go at focus stacking to get a better overall macro shot. Have kept this lens on my camera for a while to try to learn how to use it. Lots of learning! Still to do mirror locking and remote control. I always use a tripod now. I have learned by making lots of mistakes! Its exciting but a bit daunting at times. I have such a lot to learn.


  3. Thanks. I shall have to look up the Grinch.

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  4. Before I read your description I thought it looked like little Christmas trees. I’ve never seen cauliflower that looks like this!

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  5. Great shot Trudie. I have seen them before but never tried eating them. Very creative! 😊

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  6. My first thought too … Christmas trees! And so many patterns … Nice!

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  7. Where did you find such a beautiful Cauliflower? I have never seen one like that. Are they good to eat too? It definitely resembles a Christmas tree.


    • There is a craft centre near where I live. It has a small restaurant and a Farm Shop selling organic produce. There was not much variety but there were a few of these beautiful cauliflowers. There are also small units showing, Artwork, photography, cast iron work, textiles and a gift shop. There are plants for sale and various ornamental and practical items for the garden. Looks like a good place to get Christmas presents and support local artisans. There is also a Spa which looks like it may be on my wish list! They are very good to eat too – crisper than white cauliflowers.


  8. Trudie this is an amazing macro shot! Such a clear photo with lots of detail!


  9. Nice capture.
    I have never seen cauliflower look like that – how very interesting. I love the things I learn from this blog.

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  10. I’m not so good at catching up with everyone’s photos as it is time consuming – esp if you comment on them all. I’m enjoying just looking at lots of them this morning as I have spare time. I smiled when I came across this as these NEVER fail to amaze me. They are just so beautiful and as you say – a lovely delicate taste. I always cook them whole and try and get them in the dish looking perfect.

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