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Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 9 -46. Still Life


Week 9 - 46. Still Life


Moved onto my 90mm lens( the only other prime lens I have) and the start of a journey to try to develop my very basic skills into what I would like to become really good at. I found some black velvet for the background. Used the tripod and natural light and a helping hand. I tried to clone out some of the pollen and the slight bit of the helping hand at the bottom but they have altered how you do it in Elements 11 so I shall have to go and look at a tutorial. I did a bit of experimenting with f-stops, exposure compensation, shutter speed, manual focus and reflection. Gradually becoming unfrozen and enjoying trying new things. Next time I shall try using my remote control for the shutter and “Mirror locking up”. This is a dahlia, Bishop’s children I think, from our garden.

11 thoughts on “Week 9 -46. Still Life

  1. Trudie, your effort to attempt something new paid off in spades! When I looked at your photo, I knew you put your heart and soul into it. Great job!


  2. Thank you for your kind words. My photos of late have been a bit lack lustre and I especially value your comment about having something of me in it.


  3. Leaving a little of the spilled pollen makes the flower more alive and real. Nice shot!


  4. nice shot – black velvet is SO useful!


  5. Thank you. I have been looking for an odd remnant for ages then I remembered I had a long skirt I never use. It will get used again.


  6. Sorry! I am not really vain! I thought I was on someone else’s blog!!!!!Will I ever get the hang of this!!!!!!!


  7. very pretty

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