Trudie Callan

Photo-a-Week Challenge

Week 3 – 5 – Butterflies and /or Bees


The lavender is beginning to fade and the squirrels are harvesting the seeds from the sunflowers so I thought I had better hurry to photograph the bees before they all disappeared again. I was planning to catch a nice big bee with bright yellow stripes but I ended up with this one which seemed the better shot.

Switched to my 90mm lens as it is the only other prime lens I have. Got out my tripod too.



8 thoughts on “Week 3 – 5 – Butterflies and /or Bees

  1. Beautiful shot 🙂

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  2. Love the soft lavender in the background too.

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  3. Great bokeh. I must get busy and capture a bee or butterfly. They’re so doggoned fast!


  4. My bucket list of places to someday photograph include fields of lavender. Very pretty!


  5. This bush is just outside our back door. Too big for the rockery but too beautiful to move. Gives us lots of bees and butterflies . We have a lavender field not too far away but I have missed it this year!

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  6. This has such a softness and beauty! Love it!


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